YRKKH Upcoming Story 24th March 2022

YRKKH Upcoming Story
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YRKKH Upcoming Story 24th march 2022 Episode Start :Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is as of now showing the track of Naira’s pregnancy, which is loaded with passionate dramatization. You have found in the story up until this point that Naira. She figures out how to persuade Kartik regarding her pregnancy, however Kartik is as yet terrified. He realizes that Naira might need to deal with a ton of issues during pregnancy because of which her life can likewise be lost. In the mean time, a gigantic bend is going to come in the account of the show, because of which indeed the time of hardships in Naira and Karthik’s life will begin by and by.

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We are not saying this, however the new promotion of the actual show is telling. In reality, in the promotion, Kartik’s grandma is requesting that Naira satisfy her desire and tells that she needs a grandson with whom she can invest her energy. Subsequent to paying attention to grandma, Karthik attempts to persuade her that it isn’t more right than wrong to separate among child and little girl, however Karthik’s dad likewise communicates the very wish that Karthik and Naira’s first youngster should be a child.

In the promotion, where Naira looks miserable subsequent to paying attention to the family, then again, Karthik is attempting to persuade his dad that child should come in the house or girl… satisfaction will come, yet to pay attention to him. Nobody is prepared.

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Seeing the most recent promotion of the show, it is obvious to the point that Karthik’s family is stringently against the girl. In such a circumstance, in the event that Naira has a little girl, there might be a tremor in the house. Presently what new bend will come in the show, just the forthcoming episode will tell, however it is sure that after this turn, presently Karthik and Naira should confront a ton of challenges.

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