YRKKH Upcoming Story 9th April 2022

YRKKH Upcoming Story
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YRKKH Upcoming Story 9th April 2022 Episode Start :What is this relationship called, on the off chance that every one of the difficulties of the world are kept aside and the difficulties of Naira-Karthik are kept aside, then, at that point, there won’t be a lot of contrast to be seen. Naira and Kartik’s one difficulty doesn’t end when another difficulty thumps on the entryway. As of late, you perceived how Naira chooses to break each relationship with Karthik in the wake of being familiar with the cerebrum growth.

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Karthik’s inner self has been so wounded by this choice of Naira that now he has chosen to wed his companion Ashi. Assuming that you are asking why Kartik is doing this? So let us let you know that Karthik is doing this since he needs to realize that how did Naira take the choice to cut off the friendship with him? Has anybody incited him? Or then again has another person come into his life?

Presently Karthik is showing such a lot of keenness, so where is Naira going to surrender? She will arrive at Kartik and Aashi’s wedding as a visitor and Kartik will be dazed to see her like this. Presently what will occur in Aashi and Karthik’s marriage? This will be known uniquely before long.
Incidentally, we have brought such a news connected with this chronic for you, which you will be paralyzed to hear. In the event that an amusement entryway is to be accepted, before very long, Kartik will do all that could be within reach to get Naira to come clean. Regardless of how diligently Kartik attempts, Naira won’t let him know anything.

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Kartik will at last attempt to get to know reality from Naira and due to this he will attempt to draw nearer to her. Naira will be stunned to see this way of behaving of Kartik and after that she will let him know a ton of falsehoods. Seeing this, Kartik will settle the score more steamed.

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